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Thread: Wiki, Guide, Walkthrough, Tips and Help for Lost in Baliboo

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    Wiki, Guide, Walkthrough, Tips and Help for Lost in Baliboo

    Here’s where to ask for help with getting through Lost in Baliboo or share your knowledge with other players who might need help. Advice for beginners, intermediate players, or experts is all welcome.

    Everyone is welcome to share your experience and gains in playing Lost in Baliboo. Voice your version of Lost in Baliboo guide or walkthrough and offer your tips and help for other players, or you can share the Lost in Baliboo guide or walkthrough you happen to read or watch anywhere. Any form of trick in completing missions including collecting rare weapons, defeating an invincible opponent, or something like that, will be appreciated.

    If you find any other useful hints, solutions, tips, tricks, strategy guides, walkthroughs, or wiki for Lost in Baliboo, please share it here so other gamers can find it.

    Lost in Baliboo at Google Play:

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    No one seems to be playing this game. Not only have I not found any legitimate mods or "cheats" for this game. I have yet to find any help forums. I have seem many links to a mod thst supposedly allows you to aquire an (almost) unlimited amount of money and totems, however, the links just send you to a host of paid offers or spam sign-ups. Frankly, I didn't want the mod I just wanted to find out the best way toget certain elements I needed to complete some tasks I needed to do to move forward.

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    I am not finding any help either. Does anyone know how to make the rattlesnakes come back again after you kill them? Everything else--bushes, trees..-do that automatically.

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