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Thread: Jungle Heat Cheats, Hacks, Tips and Tricks [FREE] [No Survey]

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    Jungle Heat Cheats, Hacks, Tips and Tricks [FREE] [No Survey]

    Jungle Heat Hack Tool is released! With it's features you will have ability to become the best player in the world! Here are some of its features: Gold Generator, Diamonds Adder, Oil Adder, and many more! This Jungle Heat Hack Tool is available for free download, you can get it for free without surveys and it's extremply easy to use!

    jungle heat hack.jpg

    Download Jungle Heat Hack Tool NOW!

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    doesnt work

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    Ok lets go over some basic knowledge , Jungle Heat is a server side game which means all your game information is stored on a server hacking Jungle Heat would mean you will need to hack the servers where your information is stored which is highly impossible unless you know what to do and why would you use your experience to try and hack a cheap game that is 1/2 made?

    You tube footage is fake you can make the game to show 9999999999 gold YES but once you re-login the 99999999 gold is gone and back to what you had before. To prove this game is server side lets do a test
    Upgrade any thing or build any thing
    Go to your settings and change your time move forward by lets say 4 hours
    make sure you save the time and go back to the game
    is your buildings finished upgrading? do you have large amounts of oil/gold to collect?
    Well of course not it's server side .

    Games like Candy Crush is semi server side to get more life's you can edit the time and you can get more lifes etc

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