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Thread: Guide for Team Formation and Battle Array

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    Guide for Team Formation and Battle Array

    The nine classes with unique skills sometimes got me confused. I'm wondering hot to fit them best in a 5-member team?

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    There is not best team formation actually, but you can customize your team with higher HP card on the front and long-range card on the back. If possible, you can upgrade your healer and let the healer on the back to heal your warriors.

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    Guide on the Formation of the Team and the Battle Array

    I Am MT is the kind of game, without a proper team formation or battle array, you may fail in the simplest levels. So here we'd like to provide newcomers with a brief guidance. Please refer to the following photo, on which numbers represent the attack sequence. Here is our recommendation on battle array.

    Position 1: DPS, such as Shaman, Rogue, Thief, Tyran.
    Position 3: Tank, such as MT, Lady, Druid, and Barrel Bull.
    Position 5: Based on enemy card at Position 6. If it's an inferior monster at Position 6, Position 5 could be a low HP DPS. If a might DPS is at Position 6, then Position 5 better be a high HP DPS or a healer.
    Position 7: Healer or DPS
    Position 9: Ranger DPS, such as Hunter, Mage, Beauty, Brick, and etc.
    Position 11: Great Healer, such as Qriest and Rustbeard.

    What the above offers is just a general idea. Of course you may try other layouts in order to get a thorough comprehension. Regardless, the most important thing is that you collect as many as cards as possible and make best use of them by well balancing their overall attacking and resisting abilities. In this case, you won't have a problem completing the Normal Dungeons, but it's still imperative to employ some tactics when you go through much more challenging Elite Dungeons.
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    Thanks for the great thoughts Timmy! I do have some additional thoughts based on my experience.

    1 - Magical Tank (Other than Elder Sister) - I use Lady. I feel like putting a magical tank here is the best way to spread the healing out in the round (see my position 7 thoughts)
    3 - I usually save this spot for a tank, a thief/rogue or Elder Sister. I generally don't like using two paladin in a battle unless the second is a Elder Sister.
    5 - Tank, I usually use MT
    7 - Healer. As stated in another thread, I think have a healer at 1 (tank) and 7 (Qriest) is the best combination to protect against enemy criticals. I use Qriest and don't recommend any others.
    9 - Powerful Crit - Thief/Rogue (great spot for a Purple Thief/Rogue)
    11 - AOE character - This way if your 9 spot card hits a crit you can get lucky and use this card to follow with a kill. AOE characters should always be in the back row.

    Additional thoughts!

    Often when picking a friend for the sixth spot you can't get the ideal character or our saving the ideal character for a more powerful dungeon. When this happens, if i need help to beat the dungeon, I normally put my 9 spot character (thief/rogue) into the 3 spot and then put the whatever character into 9. Two AOEs is better than two healers in general, but both can work.

    When grinding on a level i know i can beat without a friend, I put the friend in the 3 spot and just let it die so i can keep my thief/rogue in the 9 spot.

    Just my thoughts, would love to hear others!

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    It really depend on what you have. For me I didnt have a great start my rune summons are Vem'tharak (Physical Tank) and Blood Golem (Magical Tank).
    For Spot 1 I always use a tank (either MT or Blood Golem depending on the dungeon)
    For Spot 3 I use Vem'tharak (Most Hp that can withstand the most damage since this is the spot that gets hit the most most of the time)
    For Spot 5 since now I have Lady I put her there
    For Spot 7 i put Qriest
    For Spot 9 depending on the Dungeon. If the enemies can attack back row with physical damage I put Druid here and replace Spot 5 with a friend helper with decent hp that wont die easily (preferably not a Mage...)
    For Spot 11 i put Hunter.
    This works out quite well for most dungeons. I also switch in Ambassador to grind dungeon faster (in Spot 9 in dungeons where bosses has no back row attack and only Qriest can do the job)
    Im currently stuck at Mausoleum -Kruvarok. The monsters here spam AOE skills and Qriest dies most of the time...

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    My Team Formation

    My team isn't all that great but here it is:
    Kraak'Thar- Level 58
    Snowmane Lvl 32
    Migraine Lvl 21/Tyran Lvl 31 (I interchange them)
    Overseer Lvl 36
    MT Lvl 30

    I'm also fostering a Brick and Lady. (Fostering means training them right)

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    Showcase Your Team Formation and Team Power Here

    How many hours have you dived in I Am Mt? What's your team power now? Showcase your most powerful formation and compare who's forged a better team.

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    This is my current team, power is 8446

    lvl 60 Lady Blue Elite (leader)
    lvl 43 Brick
    lvl 36 Warlock
    lvl 40 Tyran
    lvl 33 Hunter

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    Level 41

    lvl 67 Barrel Bull
    lvl 65 Qriest+1
    lvl 60 Annaristia+
    lvl 44 Lady
    lvl 30 MT (just to use up the points)

    How many healers are people out there running with? i usually run with 2 but seem to see alot with one 1, how is that going

    UName: ice
    UID: 100195253

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    For now I'm grinding dungeons with this team:
    Lv 75 Hunter max
    Lv 70 Shaman +2
    Lv 74 Ambassador
    Lv 70 Qriest +2
    Lv 60 Vem'tharak

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