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Thread: Tips For Honor Badges, Gem, Might and Tips

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    Tips For Honor Badges, Gem, Might and Tips

    Hello Castle Clashers, I want to give you a few pointers about the game now that I'm no longer competitive (I've quit). Here's the breakdown on resources for players of all experiences:

    1) Might is Castle Clash's "level". You gain might by hiring heroes, upgrading troops, and mainly upgrading buildings. You do not want to rush Might, because the higher you are with Might, the tougher your enemies get when you raid and the amount of honor/resources decrease as your Might increases. I was rank 80 with 4000 Might and majority of people I could raid would give me only 3 honor, but I'd lose -50 honor if I fail. Players do log on in the middle of your battle, so losing 50 honor will happen.

    2) Gem's main priority is to randomize 5 legendary heroes. Legendaries are your staple military force, when your hero is high leveled enough, you are able to 100% people using only heroes. The most important being the one-man-army: Druid. The druid alone can destroy 75% of the base and then bring in other heroes when its safe for exp and finishing with 100%. You can get 2000+ gems for free by downloading games and taking surveys. Just remember that when you go to Tapjoy, it leaves your base open for attacks (your base will only be attacked when the game is out of focus and becomes offline).

    3) Honor Badges for leveling up your hero, nothing else. Do not use it to hire heroes because you will only get trash ordinary heroes that give 50exp when sacrificed, or green slimes. The best way to get honor is through the arena. You must be persistant and push your way to the top. I was around rank 30 trophies and got 500 honor/hour.

    4) which leaves to the last resource, shards: only farm shards to buy and sacrifice the gelatinous (purple slime). 150 shards will give 3000 exp to your hero's skill, by far the best method to level up their skills. Shards are already really difficult to farm because of the rare droprate, making it unreasonable to farm for legendary heroes. One of the best ways to farm shards is through skull dungeons, especially the first skull stage you encounter in dungeon 2. All you need is druid & someway to take care of the assassin. I sacrifice a few archers to be used as cannon fodder while my druid wales on him.

    If you don't have a druid, then you're going to have a really tough time against others who already have a druid. They are able to save up more resources, raid more often, and overall just grow a lot faster.

    Tips on defense of your base: If you want to lose less resources when you've gone to bed, then make it easily 100%'d as possible.

    "Wtf" you say?

    I know, it sounds counterintuitive but when you make a base that people can easily 100%, one person will do that and you will lose your resources. However, your resources and your base will be untouched because the shield will be up for the next 9-10 hours.

    On the other hand, when your defense is a lot tougher, you will lose more resources because your base is open for more attacks. Some players will pick on your resources and leave because he cant take down your entire town. Letting 5 others to pick on your resources because your shield doesnt activate for long or not at all when they dont raze your entire base.

    Heroes are currently overpowered at the moment, so I would say 98% of population's defenses can be 100%'d by players with powerful heroes, so why bother trying to strengthen your defense when it will be torn down anyway? You can check out my abandoned base at DieHenroost.

    Only until you have a solid team of high level legendaries with upgraded units is when you may be able to ward off raiders without them touching your resources.

    Learn more:

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    Thank you very much. This was useful.

    But for the gems, i can't do any survey because i'm european..
    So i don't have great heroes... I have an engineer, executioner, shaman, pain da and dryad...
    And i used all my gems 5 times to get heroes ... I got many slimes..

    Can you give me some tips? I can't go through dungeons ... i lose all my army and i just get around 35% of the dungeon (second dungeon, last stage)

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    Hey there dude

    I have gotten 3 epic heroes from HB

    I have actually gotten way way less slimes than heroe's/

    It may feel low chance to get epic, but it happens very often for 500hb.

    have a look here, in this vid I just randomly get one while rearanging my castle, just because i had 500hb to spend

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    But you can't get the best heroes with honor ...
    Executionner is not the best champ :s

    For example, you'll ever get :
    - Ninja
    - Druid
    - Champion
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    i get what you are saying, but do you really need them? like really really need them?

    I have gotten lycan wolf hero, voodoo and executioner with hb.

    I got assassin and Cyclops with gems..

    I read in a old post how unlikely it is to get epic, and about 0.05% chance to get a legend with HB.

    I get archer very often with HB, archer much more than slimes xD

    All I wanna say is its not worth believing random HB gambling is worthless

    and if u have 0 HB, u cant loose any when u just steal resources :P

    I mean, you get players who is ranked top 5000, and theres players who will always be months behind, not all people can just catch up
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    So lucky ! I always have slimes... about 50%.

    I play for 1week and I'm top 2000 but we really need them to get top 500.. lol

    And i can't go through dungeons... it's too hard

    I just get 2 slimes with Honor and 1 blue slime with gems...
    I want to give up this game....
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    So heres somethin I noticed:

    You get one hero/slime for 150 gems

    You get one hero/slime for the 500+ HB

    BUT you can buy 1000HB for 50 gems!

    Clearly the better value would be to exchange gems for HB but it seems as though the randomization differs from HB to Gems.

    Any thoughts on this? Is it worth doing the exchange or would you say better heroes come from buying with gems???

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    I wouldn't trade gems for HB. For one thing, you can sometimes get legendary slimes (with random #s of stars I think) with gems. I got one recently that gave 6000 skill xp. Of course most of the time I get blues worth 200, but the occasional legendary slime makes up for it I think.

    And of course I still want more legendary heroes (could even use dupes for tower garrisons), and gems are pretty much the only way to get them.

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    Talking Easy!

    Its fairly easy to get legandary hero's but it is a chance of luck. I know a pro at game who made bunch of accounts to test this and on 7/10 accounts he got at least one legendary hero. I have 4 legendary hero's being paladin, druid, ninja, and sandstorm guy or whatever XD. In total ive done about20 or so gem summons and got 2 legendary hero's one the best in game!!! It just takes time i am in top 10k best players in arena getting 80 honor badges every hour plus for my might 8 gems and 20 honor badges a day If you buy a bunch f gems and did 5 summons you should have at least a legandary hero if not then your account may not be lucky!

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