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Thread: Games Like Castle Clash

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    Games Like Castle Clash

    Are you looking for more games like Castle Clash? Whether youíre looking for a game thatís very similar to Castle Clash or a game thatís sort of like it but with a special twist or completely different theme, youíve come to the right place.

    Which games have you played that are similar to Castle Clash? Is Castle Clash just a combination of two or three other games? The whole point is to help players who really liked Castle Clash and are looking for more.

    Is Castle Clash essentially a clone of something else or does it have its own unique traits. What makes Castle Clash stand out from other games like it? Out of all of the games like Castle Clash, is it the best or is there a different game you would give that honor to?

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    1, Clash of Clans (iPhone, iPad and iPad Mini):

    It is the best game on iOS platform. Most of the strategy games for Android, iOS and Facebook today are copying Clash of Clans.

    2, Backyard Monster (Facebook, iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini)

    Backyard Monster is one the earliest strategy game for Facebook that made a huge success. Even Clash of Clans are using the same formula with Backyard monster.

    3, Clash of Lords (Android)

    IGG's new Android game that is much similar to Castle Clash.

    4, Steam Clans:

    5, Jungle Heat:

    6 Pocket Fort:

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    Clash of Lords is made by IGG too
    Just starting playing this amazing game, and finally found this castle clash forum, simply amazing!

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