How can I get free diamonds?

There are currently several ways to get free diamonds: clean trash from the field (a good chance of getting a few diamonds) or participating in tournaments (diamonds are given as a reward for prize-winning places). We will eventually add other ways to get free diamonds.

How do tournaments work?

A tournament lasts five days, and another one starts as soon as the previous one ends. All players are divided into groups of 100 people of similar strength (based on their rating). The stronger the players are, the greater the reward. When the tournament ends, the three best players in each group win a prize. To enter the tournament, you need a rating of at least 500. If you are unable to enter a tournament when it begins, you will have to wait for the next one.

What do I do if I find a bug?

You can send an error report through the game (“Support” button).

Why can't I control my soldiers in battle?

If we let you control the soldiers, that wouldn't be nearly as interesting or as much fun. That’s what tactics is all about – who you put where. Every unit has its own priorities. Experiment and find the best tactics to destroy enemy bases.

How come all the soldiers who fight in a battle disappear even if they're on the winning side?

Deployed soldiers are in fact expended after the mission ends – this is one of the most important facets of the game. You can deploy only some of your soldiers in an attack if you're certain of victory. This way, you can conduct an effective attack and still save part of your army. Deploy your forces skillfully to make sure that every attack results in seized resources. Otherwise you can win a battle, but still end up losing more of your army than you gain from victory. By the way, soldiers hired at barracks train during attacks on other bases, so when you return after a successful mission, part of your forces will already be ready to go.

Is it possible to quit the game and start over again?

Sure, you can quit the game and start from scratch, but you need to uninstall the app and install again. Make Sure you clear all data and register a new account

How do I remove buildings, walls, and other objects from the field?

Buildings, objects, and fences (with the exception of trash and decorations) cannot be removed from the field.

Can I continue playing my game on another device?

Yes, you can go to the Settings menu and connect to game to your Google account (Account button). You will then be given the option to continue your game in progress when launching the game on another device.

What is a defense?

When you're under the effect of a defense, other player can’t attack your base. If you’ve been attacked and your base has been destroyed, a defense is activated automatically for a certain period of time. You can also buy a defense at the store in the appropriate section. If you want to save your resources, or if you know that you won’t be able to play for a while, try to install a defense at your base.

I bought some diamonds, but they weren't added to my account. What do I do?
Sometimes a situation can arise where a player spends money on a purchase, but the diamonds aren’t added to his own her account. This is extremely rare, but it is possible. Please wait a little while (anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours). If the the diamonds still haven’t been added, please contact tech support through the game (“Settings,” Support”) or through the website (“Support” button).