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    Dragon Realms FAQ

    Heroes and Buildings

    How do I add heroes to my party?

    You may have up to 9 heroes in your party. To add them, go to the Party section in the Menu. Select the heroes you would like to add. To see which heroes are already present, click on the Party tab there.

    How do I remove heroes from my party?

    To remove heroes, go to the Heroes section of the Menu. Under the Party tab, click on the "-" and sign in the upper right corner of the hero you wish to remove.

    What does a Hero Summons do?

    Hero Summons are how you get new heroes. When a summons is used, which happens instantly upon purchase, a hero is given. Hero Summons can be purchased in the Store using gems or honor, or can be won during a special event. You also receive one free summons a day.

    Why can't I find a building in the Store?

    Each building has a maximum quantity that a player can have in their kingdom. Once you reach that limit, the building is removed as an option from the store. If you sell one of those buildings, it will become available again.

    What's the maximum level my buildings can reach?

    Buildings currently have a maximum level of 10.

    What is a gold building?

    Gold buildings produce gold currency which can be collected at intervals specific to each building.

    What is a boost building?

    Boost buildings add a beneficial effect in-game. Some buildings increase the defense power of certain heroes. Other buildings increases attack power of certain heroes, or lower the cost of a specific action.

    Enhancing/Evolving Heroes

    What does "level-up heroes" do?

    Leveling up your heroes improves their attack/defense by increasing their level. To level your hero, select a base hero and select up to 10 heroes to be enhanced into the base hero. The heroes used as enhancements will be forged into the base hero and will no longer be available to use. Leveling heroes also has a chance to increase the hero's skill, increasing either the frequency or the power of the skill.

    What does evolving heroes do?

    Evolving a hero involves selecting two of the same hero and combining them with each other to create a new more evolved form of that hero. Please keep in mind that only certain heroes can be combined with one another.

    Evolving heroes resets their level back to 1 but allows them to be leveled up to be much stronger than before. When evolving a hero, 5% of the attack and defense from both heroes used will be passed on. If a hero is at max level than 10% of the attack and defense will be passed on.

    Events & Quests

    How do Limited Time Quests work?

    Limited time quests are available for a set number of days. Some limited time quest chains will have two phases. The first phase is called non-heroic and has you defeating mobs at a lower level of energy. In turn, these give back average level items as rewards. The second phase is heroic; it begins when you complete the quest chain on non-heroic status. Heroic status has you repeat the quest chain at a higher cost of energy and damage, while giving you higher level items as your reward. You must complete the Limited Time Quest chain on BOTH non-heroic and heroic status before receiving the final epic prize.

    What level do I have to be to participate in special events?

    You must be at least level 10 to participate in these types of events.


    What is honor?

    Honor is used as a form of currency to purchase PVP hero summon packs. It is gained by winning PVP battles.

    What do Battle Summon packs do?

    Battle Summons work the same as the regular Hero Summons, only they cost honor instead of gems, and the possible heroes given will be different.

    What is a PVP streak and how do the rewards work?

    If you are victorious in 3 PVP battles in a row, you are on a PVP streak and will receive a reward. There are 10 tiers of rewards, in increments of 3 battles each. As you climb up through the tiers, your rivals will get stronger, but the rewards will also get better. If you reach 30 battles won, you have completed all tiers of the streak and will begin again.

    Once you start your first battle, you have 10 minutes to get to the next tier. If you fail to get to the next tier by the end of the 10 minute timer, you will be taken back to the last tier you were at. If at any point during the streak you lose, the streak will end and you must start over.


    Where do I find the Guild section?

    You can get to the Guild Screen through the in-game Menu.

    How do I form a Guild?

    To create your own Guild, enter a Guild Name and Guild Tag into the allotted spaces under "Create a Guild" and click "Submit". If you are already a member of a Guild, you must leave it in order to create a new one.

    How do I join a Guild?

    To join a Guild, click on the "Join Guild" button at the bottom of the first Guild screen. If you know the invite code of the Guild you want to join, you can enter it directly at the top of the Guild List. Otherwise, you can scroll through the list of available Guilds and send a Request to join.

    I do not see the Guild I am looking for on the Guild List?

    The Guild List is only able to display a finite number of Guilds. Keep checking and the name you are looking for will cycle in.

    Can you join multiple Guilds?

    You can request to join multiple Guilds; however you can only be a member of one Guild at a time.

    How do I leave a Guild?

    To leave your current Guild, click on the "Leave Guild" button at the bottom of the Guild Information screen.

    How do I invite members?

    Only the Leader and Officers can invite players to be members of a Guild. To do so, there is an "Invite Players" button in the bottom right corner of your Guild Information screen.

    What are the ranks and what can they do?

    There are 3 ranks in a Guild: Leader, Officer, and Member. The Leader can invite players and promote, demote, and remove Guild members and officers. Officers can invite players and promote members to officer status. All three ranks enjoy the boosts from the Guild Bonuses.

    How and what can I donate to my Guild, and what can my donation be used for?
    Players can donate gold to their Guild bank. They can then be spent to buy Guild Bonuses. Only the Guild Leader can use the Guild bank to purchase bonuses. If a member leaves a Guild any gold they have donated remains in the Guild bank of their previous Guild.

    Who benefits from Guild Bonuses?

    Guild bonuses apply to all members of the Guild.


    How do I find more allies?

    You can find allies in-game through the Menu. Go to Menu > More > Allies. Click on the Copy My Code button, and then the Post in Appstore button and you will be taken to the review page. Post your ally code there. Additionally, you can also send your player code to your friends via SMS and email.

    How do I message another person?

    You must be allies with a player in order to message them. While you are in a player's kingdom, select their profile. Tap on "Comments" -> type a message in the white box -> tap "Post" when finished.


    How can I change the name of my kingdom or character name?
    We do not currently offer this service, but we may add this feature at a later date.

    How do I delete or reset my account?

    We do not currently offer this service, but we may add this feature at a later date.

    How do I associate my account with another device?

    You may associate your account with another device through the GameCenter app (iOS) or Google Play Services (Android). Log into your account on the new device. Open the Dragon Realms game app. You will receive a message asking if you wish to associate your account with this new device. Say "Yes". You should now have access to your account on this new device.

    Is it possible to switch accounts between two devices?

    By associating your account with a new device via the Game Center app (iOS) or Google Play Services (Android), you are able to play the same account on two separate devices.

    User Interface

    How do I know what my active missions are?

    You can find a list of all of your active missions in the Quest Browser. You'll find this in the top left corner of your screen, just below your gold count.

    I don't see any arrows indicating which missions I should do. How do I find out?

    If there is a mob you need to attack in order to complete a goal, that mob will be indicated with a green arrow. To complete mastery of an area, you simply need to defeat a set number of mobs. This number is given at the bottom of the screen when in that area, next to the area name and level.

    How do I change my advisor?

    For a small fee, you may swap or upgrade your advisor. Go to your profile and select the "Change" button beneath your avatar for this option.

    Why hasn't my energy or stamina completely refilled yet?

    Energy and stamina are capped at a fixed amount throughout the life of the game. Stamina/energy cannot be increased via leveling. You may purchase potions in-game which will refill all energy and/or stamina.

    Can I reallocate my talent points?

    You may purchase a talent reset item from the special section in the store which will allow you to relocate your talent points.

    Do you support Jailbroken devices?

    GREE games are developed to function along with your device's system specifications. Alterations to a device through hacking and/or jailbreaking can lead to unforeseen issues. In such a case, we cannot support the game on the device.
    You can read more about the possible negative effects of jailbreaking on Apple's support page:

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    Can you make it so we can donate heroes

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    does having more alies in this game have any effect

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    what exactly are guild points and how do you get them? And what are the mana used for?

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    how are we able to know what our guild ranking is?

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    How do you level up efficiently (without wasting heroes) and how do you use acolytes properly (again without wasting anything)?

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