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Thread: Guide, Walkthrough, Tips and Help for Running With Friends

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    Guide, Walkthrough, Tips and Help for Running With Friends

    Attention, everyone! we are updating our tips, guide, Walkthrough, and tutorials on a hourly basis, so make sure to check out here if you want to get first-hand information about this game.

    Newbies! You get lost in the game? Find leveling up much too slow? Bogged in a level? Have some complaints to make? Leave us a message here and we will see what we can do.Knowbies! you are also warmly welcome to share your tips, clues and experience to help those green players.

    We sincerely invite you to share with us in this thread any Running With Friends guide or tutorial that you have found, be it official or personal.

    Or perhaps you think the official tutorial too lame? Why not write your own version based on your gaming experience? Link it to this sticky thread, and you can spare hundreds and even thousands of people a lot troubles.

    Running with Friends at Appsgoer :

    To check more about Running With Friends here:
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