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Is Brave Frontier a mind-blower or a real nasty knockoff? Does it turn out to be another “free-to-play but pay-to-win”, a perfect game with understandably a few flaws, or just a waste of time and money? Aside from the gameplay, are the graphics good? Are the controls flexible and responsive? Does Brave Frontier lose connection to the server or crash a lot?

Mixing different genres prevails in the current gaming industry, does Brave Frontier combine different elements? If that is the case, does it focus on the right part without neglecting the importance of the other elements and the connections in between? Or does Brave Frontier just loosely links independent contents and leave them there, confusing and annoying?

What do you think about Brave Frontier? Did you have fun playing Brave Frontier or did you exit only a few minutes into it? And what is the most important reason to defy or keep at Brave Frontier? Please have your say in the replies and offer your opinions about Brave Frontier.

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